The best 2020 planners for women (made BY women)

Becky Mollenkamp
5 min readSep 4, 2019

It’s my favorite time of year — time to order fresh new planners for the new year! This popular post highlights the best planners made for creative women business owners by creative women business owners.

I’m an old pro at this by now. I’ve been using paper planners forever (seriously, I’ve tried and failed digital options many times), and this is the fourth year that I’ve put together this roundup.

What I’ve learned is this: There isn’t one planner that suits everyone. That said, I’m hopeful that among this great collection of planners you can find the right one for your organizational and inspirational needs.

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The Ashley Shelly Planner

Ashley Shelly has a passion for planning and organization — on paper and in her environment. Her brand’s tagline is “Create Your Best Days” because she knows planning is such a huge part of a woman’s day (and life!). She created a planner that combines scheduling, to-do lists, and inspirational planning. “I believe function and inspiration are the key ingredients in a perfect planner,” she says

The Ashley Shelly Planner ($44.95) features the perfect combination of organization and inspiration. It includes a weekly layout on two pages with equal space for all days of the week. Each day has a section for your schedule, to-do list, and notes or meal planning. A special part of this planner are the Creative Spreads which are positioned at the start of each month, to help you get inspired and set goals. It has a hard, semi-gloss cover, and measures 7.25 x 9.25 inches including binding.

*Note: The 2020 planner launches on Oct. 4th at 10 am ET

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The Day Designer Planner

Whitney English faced an overflowing email inbox, a hand-scribbled to-do list, a pile of meeting notes, and felt overwhelmed and disorganized back in November 2011. She needed a solution — quickly. That’s when she came up with the Day Designer™. It was my first “real” (non-drugstore) planner, and I remain totally smitten with it.

Becky Mollenkamp

Accountability coach for feminist founders.